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Enhance your hair pattern, soften your texture, and give your hair the ultimate in conditioning by indulging in our exclusive must-have treatments concentrated with natural herbs, foods, oils and penetrated with 30-minutes of steam therapy.

I Love Treatments! $55

(Wash Included)

Spoiled: This special blend of organic oil & 7 herbs is your classic hot oil treatment, only 7 times better

Getta Life: Another blend of organic ingredients, including yummy egg, that gives life to dull tresses, while strengthening them at the same time

Grow 'n Thin No More: This secret potion of herbs and plant-based powders does wonders for stimulating hair growth and thickness

Silky Way: A sweet elixir, laden with natural silk, leaves hair moisturized, smooth, and super shiny

H2Go: Natural hair should be ideally be wet every day, to hydrate follicles and increase blood-flow to the scalp. This oxygen / herbal tonic makes it happen




Expedite the process of boosting your hair to better health by adding one of our proprietary and potent concentrates and relaxing enhancers.

I Love Boosts! $15

(Wash Not Included)

Root Beer: This boost of real beer shines hair and gives it body

High 5: This shot of B5 and other ingredients gives hair a major moisturizing boost

Grow-tien: This potent shot of plant protein is perfect when combined with any moisturizing treatment

Silkshake: This shot of silk gives hair hydrating shine and a silky-smooth finish

Bam-boost: This high concentration of proteins and silica work together to make hair healthy, hydrated, and strong

Headrest: Either before or after your treatment, a soothing scalp massage is excellent for boosting blood flow and fostering growth

Oh So Steamy: Add a few extra minutes of steam to your treatment to amp up the moisture factor

Wash Day: Don’t like to shampoo? Well, we do! We love it when you leave the sudsing to us



Maintain the beauty of your natural hair without compromising your texture by wearing one of our fun, beautiful and healthy hair supporting styles.

 I Love Styles!

(Wash Included)

Double Dutch: All natural two strand twist are as fun as the game we grew up playing $85

Twist ‘N Shout: These beautiful flat twist will give you something to shout about $70

Love Me Knots: What’s not to love about bantu knots? Personally, we couldn’t think of anything $70

Straight Ahead: When its time to give your curls a rest, a classic flat iron will have you looking your best. $120/$130 (Treatment or Colour Req)

Goddess-Love Braids: You know you’re a queen, so adorn your hair with two beautiful braids worn in a crown for the all-natural goddess in you $50

Classic Cornrows: These tidy and tight straight back braids are perfect for wearing under your wig or au naturel $45 (4 to 8 braids)

Mane-tenance Cut: Need help maintaining the style and shape you’ve come to love? Take a seat. You’ve come to the right place $75

New Beginning Cut: Tired of the same old same old? Then out with the old and in with a new haircut $100


 I Love Colours!

(Wash Included)

Coloured Folk: We offer three levels of basic hair colouring in natural colors to cover greying or transitioning back to a natural color.

    T-Zone: enough for spot coverage and edges $55

    Rootin’ For Ya: enough for full root coverage $80

    All or Nothing: enough to cover your entire hair $110

    Extra Colour: additional ounces above the standard $20


     I Love Extras!

    (Wash Not Included)

    Snip Snip: We understand that when you ask for a trim, it means an inch or less $40/$45

    Bang Up Job: We’ll help you create some shade with a rockin’ set of bangs $20

    Big Dry Baby: No need to cry, we wont fry, nor do we over dry. Our blow dry technique is simple, quick, and uses as little heat as possible $35

    Honey Comb: For times when you just don’t feel like wading through it all, leave the gentle hair comb-out to us $35 (30min)