Salon Etiquette


NO TAKE-OUT (Take-down service): If you’re rocking the two-strand twists, we love it! However, please have your hair untwisted before your visit. We Do Not offer a take-out service for twists, braids, etc. 

PEW! PLEASE PRE-POO: Please do our stylists the courtesy of shampooing and detangling your hair at least 2 weeks prior to your visit. A service fee will apply if your hair is more tangled than what is typical. Thanks!

NO SHOW/CANCELLATION (Cancellation Policy): If you’re no longer able to keep your appointment, please give us a call and cancel at least 24 hours prior. This helps us with scheduling others and rescheduling you. If you are a NO SHOW, you should be ashamed! If you are a NO SHOW twice, we will not be able to schedule your appointments. We’re happy to serve you as a walk-in. 

LITTLE LULUS: Customers under the age of 8 are welcome! However, if your little one is not able to sit and be serviced alone, it will be difficult for us to service them efficiently. We ask that parents and guardians not sit in the shampoo chair, or “hover” at the stylist station while your little one is being serviced. Once your consultation is complete and your requested services are communicated, please trust our stylists to gently and patiently accommodate your child’s needs. 

DINE OUT: Please consume your meals and hot foods off-premises. Light snacking is permitted.